After I pick you up from your hotel or apartment, I invite you to lean back and enjoy your ride in a beautiful, luxurious Mercedes S-Class as we motor along by the quiet beauty of the Neckar River to see some of the medieval castles, vineyards, and quaint little towns which are located near it. Our tour will take us through Neckarsteinach with its four fortresses situated on the hills along a bend in the river before we arrive at Hirschhorn castle.
Once we take a tour of the 13th century fortress built for the Lords of Hirschhorn, we will go on to the old town with its many half-timbered buildings. A last stop on our trip will be to see the ruined castle of Dilsberg, a location once visited by Mark Twain which is not only a marvel of medieval architecture but one also known for a stunning view of the Neckar river valley.