We will first drive over to Heppenheim, only some thirty minutes away from Heidelberg, where you can see the old town, a location which in recent years has established itself as a popular movie backdrop for the Bollywood film industry. We will then visit the 11th century castle of Starkenburg on the mountain opposite the old town before we drive over to the state park Fürstenlager six miles north of Heppenheim.
Having enjoyed the scenic beauty of Fürstenlager as you spoil yourself with culinary delights, we will drive on to the perfectly preserved gatehouse of Lorsch Abbey, one of the most famous abbeys of the Carolingian Empire.
On our way back we will cross the river Rhine and conclude our trip with a visit to Worms, the city of Kriemhild, Siegfried, Hagen, and the other famous characters of the 13th century poem The Nibelungenlied! We will visit the Cathedral St. Peter where Queen Kriemhild and Queen Brunhilde quarreled over Siegfried the dragon slayer and where there is a statue of Hagen von Tronje throwing the treasure of the Nibelungen into the Rhine River.
Then you can relax as we take a quiet forty-minute drive back to Heidelberg.