During their four-day stay in Heidelberg, I had the pleasure of showing a very nice couple from the United States my home town and its vicinity.
In the afternoon of the last day before flying back home, one of my guests wistfully remarked that he would have loved to have visited Mainz again since he had last seen the city nearly sixty years ago when he was still a child.
Their flight out of Frankfurt was scheduled around noon the next day, and, since Mainz is less than twenty miles west of Frankfurt, my recommendation to them was to start early the next morning and to have breakfast in Mainz instead of Heidelberg.
After a couple of phone calls, I was able to get them a reservation at the Wilma Wunder, a restaurant located right in the city center of Mainz with a wonderful atmosphere, tasty breakfast, and a spectacular view of the famous St. Martin’s Cathedral.
Afterwards, we drove to the airport and arrived on time full of new and unexpected impressions of Germany.