My clients have included supervisory board members, chief executive officers of listed companies, generals, nobles, hotel managers, bridal couples, rock bands, artists, and of course individual travelers who appreciate first-class service.

Please read how my passengers and clients rate my service.

Let me once more thank you for the excellent services you rendered during my latest stay in Speyer on the occasion of Federal Chancellor Kohl’s funeral ceremony.
In particular, I appreciated your being informed of the frequently changing weather-related conditions and organizational circumstances at any given point in time, and your finding the best possible solution for me with great prudence. Communications with my office in Berlin also worked very smoothly.
Finally, it deserves mention that I felt very well looked-after bearing in mind your safe and highly professional driving style as well as your unobtrusive presence.
Dr Giuseppe Vita, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Axel Springer SE, Berlin, Germany
I would like to thank Mr. Manfred Pitz for the very reliable, safe and entertaining chauffeur service. The limousine was superbly prepared and carefully equipped by Mr. Pitz. This way I have been able to enjoy the ride and arrived relaxed at the event in the city of Wiesloch.
I recommend Mr. Pitz without any reservation.
Guido Zöllick, President of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA), Berlin, Germany
Jerry and I really had a wonderful time in fall 2017. It was a trip to remember. I really appreciate all you did for us in Heidelberg. Jerry and I also enjoyed your splendid car and appreciated what a good chauffeur you really are.
Well, one of the many reasons we wanted you to drive us again in 2018 down in Bavaria is that you are a very good driver with extremely quick reactions. It really was a pleasure when you drove us around.
What made it even better is that I enjoyed talking to you and seeing the sights you showed us (like Heidelberg by night, or the Heidelberg Castle Gardens, or the Chocolaterie-Café YilliY, or Schwetzingen Gardens, or Hambach Castle, etc.).
I had done a lot of research but there is nothing like having someone who really knows Heidelberg and its surrounding show you sights that you would miss if you just consulted a tour guide. You really have an artist’s eye for that sort of thing.
William F. Wadsworth, III, Rockville, MD, United States of America
My husband and I visited Germany in April 2019 on a Viking River Cruise. After learning that we would have a full-day shore excursion in Heidelberg, I was determined to visit the home of my great-great grandparents in Grosskarlbach, which is about 20 miles from Heidelberg. I was unable to contact any distant relatives before we left on the cruise, so the concierge on board our ship found Manfred and arranged for Manfred to meet my husband and me in Heidelberg.
Manfred then drove us to Grosskarlbach and to the church where my great-great grandparents were married shortly before they emigrated to the United States. The church was closed upon our arrival, so Manfred contacted a neighbor who knew how to find the minister. Within minutes, Manfred had walked to the minister’s house and had arranged for her to open the church!
After a tour of the church – and a history lesson about it — we proceeded to Freinsheim where distant relatives run the Winzerhof Rehg – a wine bar and restaurant. The restaurant was scheduled to be closed on the day of our visit, but thanks to an early morning call from Manfred, my relatives opened the restaurant and prepared a traditional German lunch.
Manfred then served as a translator, since I speak no German and my elderly relatives speak no English. Without Manfred, this special day would never have happened. He not only is professional and personable, he also is a tremendous problem solver! He is worth his weight in gold!
Yvonne and Victor Smith, Atascadero, CA, United States of America
主人がずっと行きたいと言っていたハイデルベルクに30年ぶり訪れました。フレッドは、トリップアドバイザーでとても口コミが良かったから、すぐにお願いしようと決めました。予約語直ぐにメッセージを貰い日本にいるときから幾度かメッセージでやり取りしました。当日空港にも迎えに来て貰い、早速その日の夕食の予約をお願いしました。その日は金曜の夜とクリスマスシーズンでどこもいっぱいでしたが、何件も電話してくれて予約を取ってくれました。地元の人しか行けないような素敵なレストランでみんな満足。翌日のツアーも4時間コースを1日コースに変更して彼にすべてお任せしました。ハイデルベルク城やドイツワイナリー1000年前に建てられた世界で最も大きな協会エトセトラ。ランチは、イタリヤ人も絶賛のパスタ、夜はおしゃれなレストランにクリスマスマーケット!ツアーでは絶対いけないし出来ないことを、彼は一度もノーと言わずに私たちのお願いを全て叶えてくれる素敵な紳士でした。又仕事で見たかったバイオガス発電所まで見つけてくれて、視察も出来ました。本当に素晴らしい旅になりました。来年4月又よろしくお願いします。 Thanks
Michiko YOSHIHARA, Miyazaki, Japan

I visited Heidelberg where my husband had always wanted to go in 30 years. Fred had a very good review on TripAdvisor, so I decided to ask immediately. I asked the reserved words immediately and exchanged them several times since I was in Japan. I was picked up at the airport on the day and asked for a reservation for dinner that day. That day was full of Friday nights and Christmas seasons, but many calls were made to make reservations. Everyone is satisfied with a nice restaurant that only locals can go to. The next day’s tour was changed from a 4-hour course to a one-day course and left to him. Heidelberg Castle and German Winery etcetera, the world’s largest association, was built 1000 years ago. Lunch is a pasta that is also highly acclaimed by Italians. He was a wonderful gentleman who would fulfil all of our requests without saying no once, something that could never be done on the tour. I also found a biogas power plant that I wanted to see at work, and I was able to inspect it. It was a really wonderful trip. Thank you again in April next year.
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As a former managing partner of a management consultancy for many years, I have always strongly advocated the principle of the good customer service. Therefore, I am well aware of the importance of the following statement when I say that Mr. Pitz’s premium chauffeur and limousine service simply cannot be surpassed.
At all times, Mr. Pitz reveals an attitude and quality of service that cannot even be expected to come close in this industry, an attitude and service which really is as perfect as the design of his website. In addition to always being sensitive to the personal wishes of his customers and anticipating their every need, he has impeccable manners, is a very safe driver, and communicates quite clearly with his guests.
This judgement is based on two full-day trips in 2018 to neighboring countries (together with my wife) respectively in Germany. I wish Mr. Pitz all the success he deserves for 2019 and much happiness with his new full-size luxury sedan.
Ellen und Eckhard Rumpf, Walldorf, Germany
Manfred is a true friend in Heidelberg! Superior customer service and care. He tailored the rides and stops we made throughout the city to my wishes and was so patient. He even showed me a local coffee shop and helped me buy souvenirs for my children! Highly recommend!
Bethany Moffatt, Pittsburgh, PA, United States of America
Manfred picked us up in Speyer on the day of our anniversary, his mission was to take us to Rothenburg ob der Tauber.
I asked if he could organise champagne, beer, cake and chocolate for a picnic – he did all of this and took us to a castle for a lovely morning tea overlooking the countryside.
Manfred is efficient, polite and obliging, his business model is modern and caters for a wide range of travellers who seek to be special for a day.
Allan Bartlett, Hallam, Victoria, Australia
„A Friend in Heidelberg“ picked me up after a very stressy day. Everything was perfect, I even got a nice hot tomato soup waiting for me in the car (as I had mentioned that I was starving and did not have time for dinner). Manfred, the driver, really seems to be dedicated to give that extra personal touch.
The car is very spacious and with a big plus for the massage function in the seats!
The ride gave a little silver lining to my otherwise bad day, Highly recommended.
Lovisa Berggren, Heidelberg, Germany
I would like to thank you for the wonderful way you took care of my guests in Heidelberg. Mr. Pitz has exceeded my wildest hopes by far. Rarely was I so sure that my clients were in good hands and always felt well informed.
From the customer side too, I have only heard enthusiasm and praise for Mr. Pitz.
Dr. Jo-Jacqueline Eckardt, A Friend in Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Manfred was kind, professional and very helpful! My transport back from the airport with him was comfortable, enjoyable and efficient. His friendliness and excellent customer service skills will make you feel like you are truly traveling with a friend! Highly recommended!
Felicia Stanikmas, Heidelberg, Germany
I booked Manfred as a surprise for my sister’s wedding and find it hard to find the right words to describe this unique experience with him and his service „a friend in heidelberg“.
The planning in advance went smoothly and without any complications. On the day of the wedding Manfred was available for us the whole day. Early in the Morning he picked up the bride and the groom with his beautiful, comfortable, luxury Mercedes S-Class. My sister and her husband were amazed by the car and Manfred’s friendly and highly professional manner right away and were happy that they could lean back and enjoy their special day without the need of managing how to get from A to B by themselves. Manfred drove them to the hairdresser where they got ready and afterwards to the town hall were the ceremony took place. It was a quite spectacular performance when he arrived right in front of the town hall with the beautiful decorated limousine where the wedding guests already waited for the bride and groom. From there he took them to a restaurant and while we had lunch, he got us tickets for a boat tour, so we didn’t have to take care of this.
He was always around for helping us with any unexpected circumstances and made the day as comfortable as possible. Everybody was amazed by his service, even our grandmothers and other older guests raved about how he drove them to the restaurant, so they didn’t have to walk or helped them getting over busy streets. Manfred was always in the background managing things so we could enjoy this very special day to the fullest.
I could go on like this for hours, but long story short: I can wholeheartedly recommend Manfred and his service for everyone and for any occasion. You can be sure that Manfred will always give 200% and will fulfill your wishes and even outpace your expectations.
For us, he made this big day even more special and all of us were happy that we had the luck to be accompanied by him with his beautiful limousine, his expertise, his local knowledge and his unconditional helpfulness.
Conny Stallecker, Munich, Germany
My wife and I would like to thank you for your impeccable chauffeur service to and from Frankfurt Airport. Your ambition to create the most pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for your passengers has been clearly communicated despite your reserved and polite appearance.
For inquiries from our circle of friends, regarding an excellent limousine service, we will gladly recommend you.
Thomas Heinrich, Ladenburg, Germany
Ideal service for people that value comfort and their time. We had a perfect ride to the airport accompanied by fresh coffee and seat massage. The driver Manfred will fulfill any wish you have and get you to your destination fast and safe.
Krystyna Balaban, Heidelberg, Germany
I can highly recommend „A Friend in Heidelberg“. Manfred picked me up from Frankfurt Airport after a (over) 20 hour journey from Australia. I was so exhausted but relieved to have a friend (Manfred) waiting for me to help with my luggage and safely take me to my family’s house.
Thanks again Manfred, you were great company on our 2 hour trip and you were right, we could have talked for an other 10.
Gisela McMichael, Adelaide, Australia
Perfect trip to the Hauptbahnhof, Heidelberg on an early morning on a Monday. Highly recommended. Great service.
Prothoma Sinha, Wiesloch, Germany
Manfred provides an excellent and knowledgeable limousine service. Highly recommended for visitors to Heidelberg.
Prof. Roberto Abraham, Toronto, Canada
We would like to thank you for the competent and explicit, nice assistance during our stay in Heidelberg and vicinity. The organization between the hotel Europäischer Hof as well as with the pilot of the airline company was excellent.
Manfred J.C. und Ingrid Niemann, Bremen, Germany