I wear many different hats, sometimes even my chauffeur’s cap.

Manfred Pitz – a Heidelberger “through and through”

Ever since I was young, I have wanted to see the world. I studied in Mainz and later was transferred to the United States by my first employer. After living on the East and later on the West Coast for two years, I returned to Germany in my early thirties. I lived in Munich, Berlin, and Frankfurt before returning to my hometown of Heidelberg in 2004.
Nevertheless, after twenty-five fulfilling and successful years as a manager, I felt more and more like a hamster in a wheel. Therefore, I decided to try something completely new and different at a professional level.
During an extended sabbatical I paused and listened to myself – and concluded that I passionately love three things most of all: organizing and planning, to take care of people, and to drive cars, particularly: to chauffeur people.
The next step was to establish my own boutique limousine company a friend in heidelberg. Its aim is to deliver first-class, individualized service, with a personal touch, always placing the guest’s needs and wishes center stage.

Me on my first day at school – as you can see, I already grew up with the Mercedes S-Class.